KOHLER® Marine

Recreational Marine Generators

Drift away for a while and the let waves guide your journey. Relax. Unwind. KOHLER® Marine – a company of craftsmen guided by a singular purpose: your experience. Those quiet moments filled with peace and comfort. Every generator KOHLER® makes, every weld, wire and circuit is a testament to their quality. If you haven’t considered KOHLER® before, it’s time to discover what’s made to go unnoticed.

Marine Electric Technologies is KOHLER® certified. We sell, service and warranty-repair all KOHLER® Marine Recreational and Commercial generators.

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So Quiet

Even Whispers Travel Well

KOHLER® redesigned the generator sound shield with separate engine and alternator compartments and improved an air management system to significantly reduce sound levels. The quiet is all you hear. The KOHLER® proprietary vibration mount cushions the engine as it moves to eliminate vibration. It’s what separates KOHLER® marine generators from all the others. You won’t notice the generator and that makes all the difference.

The world’s most intelligent generator system
Kohler Power systems marine recreational generator
  • KOHLER Decision-Maker 3500 controller eliminates the need for costly add-ons and complicated installations.
  • Built-in load management software eliminates over-fueling issues and the need for exhaust treatment systems.
  • Monitor and control the generator form anywhere on the vessel, even at multiple locations.
  • A smaller footprint with an advanced paralleling system eliminates the need for bulky, oversized switchgear. That means smaller engine rooms and larger living spaces.
  • Quieter with less vibration, KOHLER generators use a redesigned sound shield with separate engine and alternator compartments.